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 Printed skirts for tots and T's for tots Had these laying around in one of my folders, thought I had already uploaded them but yeah, well, I forgot. 

Printed skirts for tots were a trial run as doing recolors in Harmony takes some getting used to figuring out how, so there are only two. (If you can't see them when in CAS, I suggest unticking the masculine tab. )

T'S for tot's are a mixture of recolors for both female and male toddlers. There are 8 total. 

 Beige Rugs Because there just isn't enough rugs in this game and I love rugs. These rugs can be sized up to the highest size allowed by game (yes...I checked.) There are 8 different patterns in this package.

Nature in Circles I love hanging pictures on the walls in my sims homes but yet most that came with the game just don't cut the mustard, sometimes, and like just can't have enough! These can also be resized up to the largest size allowed by game...but why would you! They are perfect the way they are at this size. (And yes...I checked.) 2 different boarders, black and white, 3 different nature scene's in this package of 6. 

Brown/Cream rugs Like I said, you just can't have enough. These can also be resized up to the largest size allowed by game and yes...I did check to make sure there were no fufu's. There are 4 different patterns in this package. 

 For the love of toddlers - Set of 3 poses for the wee little ones. Each one is named: pose 1, pose 2 and pose 3 with a description of the pose (see additional photo's below) and has a thumbnail. You will need current pose player by Andrew at S4S,.here

Christmas Paintings - Set of 3 paintings for your sims homes. You will need Dine Out for these to show in the buy catalog. 

Chalky Quotes - First set of chalk quotes for your simmies homes. 
 Ladies- Two paintings, one I had done for TS3 and decided to make for TS4 the other image I just decided to throw in there. :)

 For the Kids Collection- This is a collection that includes (each package is separate) paintings and a rug. 

Black & White Collection- This is a set of 9 black and white various images found on the web. I have used both S4S's meshes and base game objects (recolored). I have the whole package merged into one and I've included each one separately. 

The Collection (whole)
If you want to install them separately, I have provided a list below for each named package:
Top- Left to Right: (each package is mamajs_black-white (name).package)
hypno, tracks 2, face
Middle- Left to Right:
Horizontal-Verticle Lines, spiral, tracks 1
Bottom- Left to Right:
Marilyn Monroe Gangsta, Chess board, balls

***Note: tracks 1, Marilyn Monroe, chess board and balls are all larger paintings 2-3 tiles***

 Seashell Collection- I had previously made a set of these for Sims 3 (link for those will be posted in the Sims 3 Downloads page) and decided I would like them for my Sims 4 game and I hope you will like them as well. 

Abstract Paintings Collection- This is a set of stand alone paintings. All are made using S4S meshes. 


 Picture Pack- I made this pack with intentions of getting it posted before Easter as it does have a picture of a cross in it. But RL got in the middle and yeah.... So this pack contains 6 separately made pictures for your sims to hang in their homes or where ever. :)


Swimsuit Edition Pose Pack - Here is a pack of 4 poses all created with photoshoots or creation presentation in mind. You will need Andrew's Pose Player. 
                                                            Individual look at poses


 VP Pose Pack - A 4 pack of poses all are various. I renamed it to VP (for various poses). This is an updated version to VS 2 Pose pack that I pulled. 

Each of these poses comes with a thumbnail inside for each pose plus a group one for easy locate in the pose by pack menu. *See below:

The "Shy" pose will work with large brim hats as well as some medium brim hats. The pose actually looks like this:
  You will need Andrew's pose player which can be found at (you will need to register, it's free, in order to download)
VS 2 Pose set - PULLED. Updated version to be released soon

Majestic Lions- Two wall hangings for those who have a love for lions.

Thanksgiving picture - One single picture to hang on the wall or over a fireplace. 

Halloween Decal Sets- Just in time for Spooky Stuff- stuff pack and Halloween. These can be used without the stuff pack, they are cloned from base game decal. 

Noveau Art & Peace and Harmony -  

You will need to have Spa Day for these to work in game

Pose Set - This is a two part set, first set has 3 poses (mamajs_pose), the second has only 1 pose (mamaj_pose2). Simple name, couldn't think of anything. LOL

Kids Wallpaper - Set of 4 fun wallpapers all with your wee little ones in mind. 

Beachin - Tile/wallpaper. 

Cracked Sand - Set of 3 color variations of terrain paint. Great for floral garden area's, tree's or anywhere you want to have the look of dry parched sand. 

Natural Eyes - 7 new re-colors for your Simmies eyes. Available Female and Male, Child to Elder. 

jomsims - lashes
Stealthic - hair
Shojo Angel - lipgloss
Kijiko - skin
**thanks to all CC creators who items I used, but did not list**
Windows To the Soul eye recolor 

Girls Only Collection This set contains matching Drapes or curtains, bedspreads and chairs for little girls. ***NOTE: you must have GTW expansion in order for the chairs to show up***  Comes with thumbnail


Nursery Babes Set of 3 pictures for your nursery. 
Comes with thumbnail 


Brown Delights Set of 3 abstract paintings set in brown
Comes with thumbnail

TWD Daryl's Wings  This set includes 2 separate recolored clothing articles for males. The Walking Dead's very own Daryl Dixon a.k.a. Norman Reedus, winged vest and a winged coat. 

Coffee Time This set includes 3 separate wall art decor for use in bistro/bakery (must have Get To Work EP to build venues) or just to hang in your home. 

VS Poses Two poses, replaces the Deep Thinking trait. Best viewed and screenshot capture at speeds 0.1 or0.2

Red Carpet and Stance Poses both of these poses are best viewed at casclockspeed 0.1 

Red Carpet has 4 poses total and replaces the Neat trait

Stance pose replaces the Bro trait
many thanks goes to all the creator's who's creations I have used on my models 

           Download Red Carpet
            Download Stance pose
Mish Mash art  replacement photo's to the Level 9 Artist Career reward. You will need to use the cheat bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement to unlock. 

Random Poses These are default poses for the cheerful trait, it is best to run cas clock speed at 0.1 to capture these poses for screenshots. 


Abstract Women 3 vibrant colored paintings. 

Those Poses a set of 3 silly poses I did. I was just fiddling around in Blender one day and these were the outcome of that silliness, so I thought I'd keep them and share 'em. (the left elbow does this weird funky thing between the 2nd and 3rd pose, you'll really see it with cas clock speed set at 0.2 **use cheat casclockspeed 0.2 to reduce time down to do pose shots) These poses replace the Heel Click Pose in Good trait. 


Nature's Path Pictures  Set of 3 pictures, none re-colorable. Made with S4S and Gimp, recolor/remake of Maxis picture.

For exterior or interior, recolored Maxis wall. Has it's own thumbnail in build mode. 


For the guys. 4 standalone recolors, all tested in game.  

Stripped tucked in dress shirt for YA/A/E males


Flower Wall Art  This is a standalone remake of a Maxis picture, made with S4S and Gimp


Blue Floral sofa and loveseat
           This is my attempt at recoloring a Maxis sofa and loveseat. While there are some flaws (the feet of the couch also got recolored to pattern) I think it came out rather well.

                                                              Download sofa

                                                          Download loveseat

Floral Draperies  again this my first attempt at recoloring Maxis draperies.  If doing these in maximum high wall/window size, the bottom of the curtain disappears into the floor.


For Valentine's Day. This set has 2 wall decals and 1 framed picture.  All are Maxis remakes. 


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