Thursday, January 19, 2017

TODDLERS, oh my!

Yup once again I have slipped and not posted here for a while. Mostly because I just haven't created anything for some time other than a request for a home for Sims 3 game. But...WE HAVE TODDLERS! And with Andrew from S4S (thank you Andrew and the crew at S4S!) updating his pose player, doing for poses for toddlers is now a possibility. Anyhow. Not my first set of toddler poses I've done, I have a set done, but there is one pose that I want to work on just a bit more before releasing my very first pose pack set. This set is my second set created and I feel they came out rather well.
For the love of toddlers pose pack is now in the downloads section.
More information can be found on the Sims 4 downloads and recolors page. Thanks for your support and have fun with those lil tot's!